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Published on Sunday 13th February 2011 by DJ Kirkby

I have to confess that I am somewhat addicted to music. I like to listen to it anytime of the day and I like it loud because then I can feel it too. So, I suppose it only makes sense that I need to have music playing when I write. During my weekday 5 – 7am sessions I listen to it through ear phones but when I write later on in the day on weekends I just play it on the stereo. Much to my husband’s delight. Not.

I wrote Without Alice the making of a man while listening to music by Duffy, Morcheeba and Faithless. I have put links in for you to get an idea of what the music is all about. For those of you who have read Without Alice I think you will understand exactly why I was listening to songs by those musicians and for those of you who haven’t read my debut novel yet I hope it isn’t too long before you do decide to. Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed Without Alice and posted them on your feedback on  Amazon, Goodreads, your blogs, Twitter and Facebook. I really appreciate your feedback.

The sound track for my novel in progress – Love and Other Lies – has been even more eclelctic. Newton Faulkner, John Denver, Lonestar, Maroon 5, Jessie J, Dizzie Rascal ft Florence, Nancy Sinatra and Eliza Doolittle.

The non -fiction book I am working on Butterfly Babies – modern midwifery is more than just a delivery service has been written to a soundtrack of energising, enriching, powerful music. Gregorian monks chant, Enigma, Leftism,London Beat, Doctor and the Medics, Van Morrison, Moby and Late Night Alumni.

What music inspires you to get on with things?

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  • I wrote The Night Rainbow listening to Erik Satie, Cat Power and Francis Cabrel mostly. The novel I’m currently working on seems to need a lot of French jazz/swing, I’m currently listening to Boulou Ferré, Christian Escoudé & Babik Reinhardt!

  • I feel rather dull, because I’ve found I can only write in complete silence! Having said that, my current work is partly set in the 1940s, so when I’m stuck and despondent, I listen to Flannagan and Allen or The Ink Spots. You can’t be despondent for long if you listen to ‘Your Feets Too Big’.

    It’s physiologically impossible.

    • I have to write in silence, too. Makes life a bit tricky with four children! I do use music to set the scene, and get into the characters’ heads though. There was a song by the Killers called Jenny was a Friend of Mine which was going through my head whilst I was writing the kissing scenes, and my main character was a big fan of Doris Day, so I listened to lots of her, too, but on the school run rather than when I was writing.

  • I can’t listen to music or anything at all while I’m writing. I have to have a completely empty head, and when music is on, that’s all I can focus on. But novel 3 might have a big musical component, so that might have to change a bit. But as far as music spurring me on — it has to be old rock n roll. right now I’m addicted to Talking Heads from back in the 80’s. That’s the stuff that gives me energy and if there’s anything I always need more of, it’s that 🙂

  • Awww what lovely eclectic selection of musical genres – can I use that term? Musical genres!!!

    I’m so soppy, I tend to listen to big ballads ala Elaine Page belting out “Memory”!!

    Take care

  • You listen to some great music, D.J. Part of my cable t.v. package are about 50 music stations, and I play music when I’m home puttering, playing on the computer, or reading. Right now I’m listening to the classical station, but I also love the soft rock and new age stations as well. And in season, I play Christmas music!

    • Ahhh Christmas music! That goes on at our house on December 1st even though it’s only N3S and I who love it a lot. We listen to it right up until Jan 1st.

  • totally agree with you.
    i always prefer to have music going when i’m writing, either pumping from the stereo or through the ipod if i’m travelling. i usually play music too loud as well (unless editing). a lot of people argue you can’t possibly fully concentrate with other noise swirling around you, but i really believe it’s each to their own. as far as i’m concerned, a good song inspires fine writing – one art form influencing another!

    • You like music while writing but not while editing? That’s interesting….why no music while editing? I just looked at your website quickly, it is very unique and I need to go back and have a proper look this weekend.

  • I don’t listen to any music at all. Recently though I’ve put a docking station into the shed and am going to try listening to music when I write and see if I prefer it that way.

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