Small Stones – Week one

Published on Saturday 7th January 2012 by DJ Kirkby

Jan 1st – The washing machine churns in syncopation to the murmur of conversation and soft music messily weaves all the sounds together.

Jan 2nd – The cold air crashes into the warmth at the junction of the open door.

Jan 3rd – The wind makes a mockery of anything that demonstrates a desire to remain upright.

Jan 4th – A flicking tail and absence of purrs communicate Grumplestiltskin’s disapproval of the way the keyboard tray invades his lap space.

Jan 5th – Exercising when tired is such a drudge that I realise it would be healthier to rest instead.

Jan 6th – I allow the clutter nearby to interrupt my writing session.

Jan 7th – The expectant atmosphere discombobulates me.

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