Why talking to my publisher makes me feel sick….

Published on Thursday 29th December 2011 by DJ Kirkby

This is a post in keeping with my promise to blog in total honesty about my experience of writing (and everything associated with it).

Today, I have a meeting with Kevin Mahoney of Punked Books (publisher of Without Alice) to discuss publishing My Dream of You. Despite the fact that Without Alice got numerous favourable reviews (thank you everyone!), and sold well as an ebook, there is no guarantee he will say yes please to the offer of publishing My Dream of You.

And, the thought of him saying no thank you makes me feel quite ill.

However, if he does say yes please after reading My Dream of You, I will begin a delirious period of *happy dancing* as I work through his suggested edits for My Dream of You. Yes, I am one of those rare individuals who enjoys the editing process…I think of it as being akin to putting party clothes on my writing.

During the editing period I will be doing my best to ignore the growing angst over the fact that editing means that at some point in 2012 My Dream of You will be available for you all to buy and read. That thought should excite me but instead I will fret because I want you to like it as much (or more) as Without Alice.

Being an author of a second novel is beginning to seem very much like being a helicopter mum….

P.S. The meeting went well and my publisher has agreed that he is interested in reading My Dream of You with a view to publishing it if he likes it. He has promised to get back to me by early February so I will update you as soon as I have any news.

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