Story Chain (for children)

Published on Sunday 23rd October 2011 by DJ Kirkby

Would you like to be part of a story chain? I sure hope so because from today until the 26th October you can join in by adding to the growing  story chain in the comment box below this post. If any adults you know want to join in then tell them they need to click here to go to the adults’ story chain post.

Ok so here is the first sentence of the story:myspace layouts

The black cat ran as fast as he could until he reached the wall at the end of the garden.

Why do you think he was running? What do you think he did next? Read what other children have added to the story in the comment section below and then write the next sentence in the story.

26/10/11 08:23 I have temporarily closed the comments section to allow me to take the story written so far to my author event today. I will open the comments section with the new bits added in this evening.

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  • Number Three Son says:
    The black cat was running from a dog and when he reached the wall he found it was too high to climb over so he jumped on an abandoned mattress which bounced him over the wall.

  • These are almost anonymous and in chronological order like three comments:-

    Child A:- At the other side of the wall the black cat found over 9,000 pieces of gold, diamonds, rubies and platinum.

    Child B:- The dog felt jealous on the other side of the wall so he got a hang-glider from the garage which he used on the top of the roof of his owner’s house and got over the wall.

    Child C:- The selfish dog took all the treasure and buried it underground for him only. The cat felt sad and mad so he bit the tail off the dog and that is how some dog’s are docked.

  • The dog would have put his tail between his hind legs in shame, but alas, this was now impossible. Upon losing his dignity and a valuable source of emotional communcation (can’t look happy without a wag after all) the dog set out to discover if riches could buy happiness, or a new tail. Whichever was easier.

  • Unfortunately, the dog soon discovered that happiness could not be purchased. Luckily however, he was able to buy a new tail. The fact that it did not match the rest of his body,of course, was completely irrelevant.
    Tegan, 11

  • He strut his stuff around town, showing off his flashy new tail, his smile a mile wide. He then noticed a gang of dogs watching him with confused glares and mean stares.

  • These are the additions to the story chain made by the readers who joined me for my book brunch today. I have typed them out here exactly as they were written but the # symbol has been added to show where each new person began adding to the story chain:
    The gang of dogs made a plan to surround the dog and chase him out of town as he obviously did not belong to their town.
    Cruncher, the Bulldog, and the Leader of the gang, shouldered the others aside, and squared up to the Stranger.
    “Who are you, What are you doing in our Town”
    The Stranger didn’t back down, he was a good six inches taller than Cruncher.
    “Im just visiting my masters old Granny, She told me all about you and your Gang. She said you dug up her Flower beds and scattered the plants all over the town.”
    So what” growled Cruncher “What are you going to do about it”
    ‘What do you think I am going to do? If you don’t want to get into trouble you’d better say something lovely to me’ replied the stranger.
    Cruncher looked confused, ‘what will you do then? And what can I do?’
    The strange dog laughed. ‘You’d better make me the head of your gang, and let every dog call me master. Otherwise I’ll tell my master where you are and then you’ll be enslaved and work for her. Freedom or not? That is the question. I’ll give you three minutes to think about it.’
    While Cruncher was struggling with the decision, the strange dog added ‘ Or perhaps I’m thinking of biting your tail off!’
    Before the dog could reply a cat got into the gang of dogs view and they started chasing the cat. The cat jumped up on the wall and the dogs were jumping and barking at the cat. The cat was staring at the dogs saying HaHa as they couldn’t reach him.
    Out of nowhere there was a crash and bang and out came a goat. He was big, with white fur and huge horns. Jeremy the goat was wondering what was going on in his town. ‘I rule the town’ he said ‘those cats and dogs making all this noise and I was trying to sleep.’
    “Sleep” but its time for lunch. They made a circle around the goat. “Maybe you will be our lunch” said the dogs. “Well maybe I can have you all for lunch” said Jeremy. With that he charged towards the edge of the circle and leaped really high and cleared the fence.