Sometimes these things happen…

Published on Tuesday 2nd August 2011 by DJ Kirkby

A while ago I finished the first draft of novel number two which had a working title of Love and Other Lies. I sent it to a beta reader, I sent it to my agent and I mentally shoved it in a drawer for a while. My beta reader loved it and said it was the best I had ever written but my agent wasn’t impressed with it.

Sometimes these things happen…

The novel stayed in its pretend drawer. I tried to stop thinking about it.

I managed to fool myself into thinking that I was having some success with that and had even begun working on book number two and novel number three.

Then I realised I was dreaming about novel number two. Uh oh… Once on that slippery slope I began thinking about it during quiet moments in my day. Eventually I realised that there was one character who needed to be heard and others who needed to be in a book of their own.

So, I have begun what may end up as an almost complete re-write of novel two. In my mind it is already a thing of beauty. It even has a new name – My Dream of You.

Sometimes these things happen….

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