Things I shouldn’t be doing and things I should.

Published on Sunday 26th September 2010 by DJ Kirkby

1.  I shouldn’t be pointlessly staring at the windfall apples and red currants from our allotment.

I should be making red currant jelly for use on 11th October which is Canadian Thanksgiving Day. The apples need to be cored, sliced into rings and dried so number 3 son can enjoy them as snacks.

2. I shouldn’t be alphabeticallising (is that even a word?) the guest list for my Portsmouth book launch party on the 20th October before I’ve had a chance to enjoy my London book launch party on the 4th October.

I should be sending out the bus timetable to all the London launch guests in case the planned tube strike goes ahead. I should also be fretting about how Chopper and I are going to get there in time to eat and pick up a load of booze on the way if we have to bus it into Wood Green from the train station. If you happen to be passing the Big Green Bookshop between 7 – 9 pm on the 4th October then please do stop in and say hello.

3. I shouldn’t be talking to the cats even if they are staring and meowling at me.

I should be getting on with finishing at least one of my novels in progress and finding myself an agent. I want one ever so muchly but suspect an agent isn’t going to come looking for me, no matter how long I sit and wish for it to happen.

4. I shouldn’t be messing about on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

I should be answering the interview questions that Powder Room Grafitti sent me.

5. I shouldn’t be fretting about work tomorrow.

I should be making the most of my time off work but doing anything but thinking about what lies in wait during the work week ahead.

If you too want to confess to 5 things you shouldn’t be doing then leave me a comment, so I can come see yours and feel less guilty…

If you want an excuse to procrastinate just a little longer then you can come and read my interview over on Nik’s blog

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  • Hmmm, I don't want to make you feel bad but I'm doing what I should be doing at the moment (non-fiction book.) However, I SHALL be back later in the week to tell you all the things I shouldn't be doing but am…

    Chin up lovely and give yourself a break. That's an order.

  • I've had breakfast n am now back in bed.. I should be doin housework but I'm not, why? because I made that rule yesterday, today I am changin it. I work 40hours a week cleaning else where, I'm tired.. yeah it's the weekend, time to do what YOU want to do regaurdless of what you think you should be doin,,,, relax girl take a break.



  • Hi JJ
    I don't have the time to give myself a break. I only have the weekends to get everything done as work takes so much out of me that I get very little done afterwards.

    Hi Indi
    See my answer to JJ above. You may have noitced though that cleaning was NOT mentioned in my post πŸ™‚

  • I'm all for speaking to the kitties!!! And I'm all for you not fretting and I'm definitely all for you enjoying your Sunday and taking things easy for today – why not?!!:-)

    And I think alphabetici-oh I can't spell it – should be a word cos it's fab! LOL! Take care

  • Well…I definitely shouldn't be messing around on the internet either. I should be grocery shopping. Sigh. I hate grocery shopping. Wish I hadn't thought of that one!

  • I'm actually being very productive, which makes a change for me. Although I should be writing a blog post instead of… well not doing one.

  • Hi Old Kitty
    I made the jelly and the apple rings and then spent most of the rest of the day at our allotment. That was nice.

    Hi Jill
    I hate grocery shopping too πŸ™ though I quite like eating said groceries though πŸ™‚ I got my exercise by moving the compost from one end of our allotment to the other yesterday.

    Hi Lily
    Go you! Hope you got your blog post written, I haven't had a chance to check yet.

  • Nope – not into confessions at the moment but pretty soon now I should be able to summon the energy – not easy in the 97 degree heat today.

  • DJ,

    1. I shouldn't twitter.
    I should be writing more.

    2. I shouldn't be on facebook
    I should be writing more.

    3. I shouldn't watch TV
    I should be writing more.

    4. I shouldn't read Graphic Novels
    I should be writing more.

    5. I shouldn't have sex with my wife
    Woh! Now Wait A Minute! That's Just CRAZY Talk!

    There it is.

  • I should be writing more. I think that's pretty much an everyday wail for me. Still, there's only so much you can do – and you do alot.

    Laughing at themommydaddy comment

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