Spectacular fail

Published on Friday 17th September 2010 by DJ Kirkby

I can hardly believe that only a week has gone by since I last wrote a post. I’ve spent so many hours lying awake at night that it seems that months have passed.  I’m disappointed that I failed to use that ‘spare’ time to get around to visiting blogs. I thought it would be more sensible to stay in bed and hope for sleep.

I am struggling to adjust to being back at work after having had 3 weeks off and find there is nothing left of me that can cope with socialising by the end of the work day. I hope the blogs that I used to visit are not taking it personally but I suspect this may be the case going by the reduced number of comments each post is getting.

For what it’s worth I really do want to get round to all of your blogs, read and comment on them.   I’d really appreciate it if you stuck around for a while longer. Once I get back into the swing of working full time again (not the easiest thing to do when you’re a person with autism), and fitting in everything else that comes with being a mother, wife and author – then I can get back to enjoying all of your blogs again. I really do want to but right now I just can’t.

I know that is a spectacular fail in terms of blogging etiquette but something has to give right now and it always seems to be blogging and writing that are at the back of the queue.

This week’s wining caption is “After a night spent partying at Club Tropicana Fred had more than one hangover.” from Yvonne.

Honourable mention goes to the ever observant Troy: “Rather disturbingly, both for Bill and those around him, Bill’s “budgie smugglers” seemed to also sporting a small budgie at the rear!”

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  • I just wanted to say please don't beat yourself up about not having time to visit blogs, I don't know how you manage everything that you do already.

    I have always been pretty bad at visiting blogs myself, I only really remember if I see links on Twitter. I a sure we all worry about not "doing enough" but there are only so many hours in the day.

  • Yes, that's true but it's important to me that I engage with my readers. I want them to know they are important to me and I am sure that some of my readers write blogs that I fllow. That's how life works, right?

  • You've got an awful lot on.

    I don't have a blogging schedule, that way I post when I can. Sometimes it's most days in a week, sometimes there's a gap. We all do what we can.

    I hope you get back into the swing of work soon. It sounds horribly hard when you have autism.

  • It's not a fail at all. In the scheme of things, blogging has to take its place at the end of the queue so please don't apologize.
    I hope you get some decent sleep soon and have a bit of energy left at the end of the day for you.

  • I feel horrible that you might think of taking a break from reading/commenting on a zillion blogs as a fail. I hope, and believe, blogging friends understand and that, even if we don't always comment, we are still there for each other. I know I don't leave many comments — even on yours — but I do read them and follow my friends' thoughts and lives. Please can't some sleep and I hope you can start to be a bit less knackered and more relaxed soon. And at the risk of sounding motherly, may I suggest that although launching a book is incredibly exciting – a lifelong dream come true – it is also incredibly stressful and much hard work. Don't forget that…xo

  • I don't think you should worry. It's part of life. I too am spectacularly unable to read blogs at the moment. I've no idea why but I do hope folk'll understand.

  • That is definitely not a fail in my book. You really shouldn't think like that at all, Denyse, especially after your first week back at work, let alone the fact that it's been largely a sleepless one for you.

    Everyone knows that you'll drop by as and when you can and please don't start to see doing that as another job on your to-do list or a chore. That way lies madness. I also don't think you can read fewer comments as a sign that numbers or readers are dropping off – everyone has busy lives and we never all manage to do everything we would like to achieve in a week. That's just the way of things.

    I hope you manage to take some time for you this weekend in among all the other things you plan to do. It's important.

  • I'm here too, at times feeling a little overload trying to be 'the good blogger.'

    Have a good weekend, please …. and get some really good sleep.

  • I love the winning caption!! LOL!! as always I am in AWE at the fab captions to your very funny pics!!

    Awww don;t worry about the blogging – if it's not fun anymore then it's not worth doing, is my philosophy!!! Also first and foremost is your health and happiness!!!

    Take care

  • Hi FH
    I think work is probably hard for everyone in different ways but it just takes so much out of me that I can't get anything done at home after. I do worry about not visiting other blogs enough.

    Hi Lane
    Thank you. I'm gutted I've gone back to sleeping badly. When I was put on blood pressure tablets 4 months ago, I started sleeping really well. I had hoped it would last…

    Hi Troy,
    Hah! Ok but don't post too often 🙂

    Hi Megan
    Yes, you're right. I need to figure out a way to make writing time happen again.

    Hi Sue
    You sure are right about the book launch stress. Seems to be so many books being launched over the next few months by authors I know including you! Can't wait to read Clash of the Innocents.

    Hi Jennie
    Wecan only hope. The thing is people lose interest and move on very quickly nowadays.

    Hi Gumpher
    Thanks. I think I feel under additional pressure because I'm published by an Indie Publisher and no marketing budget means the marketing is mostly down to me. So I need to keep myself 'out there' and make potential readers aware of me and interested in me.

    Hi Al;
    Is that what I am? I never looked at it like that before! Maybe I am…

    Hi Kath
    Ahem, SECOND week back at work I'll have you know and still not back into my routine. Sigh. I think I should give up on taking hols at all 🙂

    Hi TF
    Nice to see you.

    Hi Helen
    Nice to see you too. Sleeeeeeep, I neeeeed sleep.

    Hi Old Kitty
    Thanks. I just see all these prolific bloggers with eleventymillion followers and comments and feel like I've def failed. How do they manage to fit it all in? If they can then I should be able to too! I love the wordless Wednesday captions, they really brighten my week.

  • Don't fret on my account, D.J. I take extended blogging breaks myself, when my real life just takes over, and I must decompress. We will still be here. Take care.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. We aren't going anywhere. I went almost a month without posting on most of the blogs I follow…Relax.

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