Sitting in the warm summer rain

Published on Friday 17th July 2009 by DJ Kirkby

It was my birthday yesterday and Chopper and I indulged in a day off together. He spoiled me rotten with gifts; Pualo Nuttini CD and Little Boots CD, a huge hat box full of LUSH bath products and a Nokia E63 which means I can now join the gang who update their status on the social networking site via their mobiles.

We had brunch at at the 10th Hole (sublime) and in the evening Aunty Vix came round for supper with us and stayed to be bossed round by N3S so we could go out to the cinema. She gave me 2 tickets to see Paulo Nuttini in concert, shriek! I have to be the luckiest woman alive…

After the watching the cringingly hilarious ‘Bruno’, Chopper and I went and sat on a pub patio on the waterfront, had a drink and watched the lightening chase the thunder across the horizon. Memories are made of moments like that… is it any wonder I love my magnificent man so much?

Thank you to everyone who submitted a caption this week. Michelle and Clay take the WW award this week for their captions. Michelle with “Be honest now darling, does my bum look big in this?” and Clay with ‘The years were unkind to Madonna.’

I know how many of you enjoy N3S’s random comments when I post them. Chopper has written a post about a random conversation he had with N3S which you ca
n read by following this link.

I’ll be back on Sunday with anecdotes from our trip to Paulton’s Park. Have you got anything fun planned between now and Sunday?

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  • Oh Happy Belated Birthday DJ!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful one.

    Have a terrific weekend… I am looking forward to resting and reading.

  • Hi Rachel

    Hi Casdok
    Thanks, it was rather wonderful.

    Hi Maureen,
    'Rest'…now there's a thing I dimly remember doing once or twice in the past…

    Hi Clay
    I've met a few of us, like yourself, who are quick to think of the joke but the rest of us, including me, seem to fall into the 'I don't get it' category. That is why I love WW's 'cos it gives me time to ponder the joke at my leisure until I understand it. Nice to have you visiting my blog, please stop by again.

  • The "background" of the Madonna joke is that she was always posing in her underwear, but these days, not so much! 😉 I was a big fan of "The Far Side" by Gary Larson. This was in his style.

  • Hi and happy belated birthday. Thank you for the award. It is a phrase us ladies are often quoted aas saying often. It seemed appropriate for the pic!
    Thank you also for your kind words about my son on my blog. I will be popping by regularly I can assure you

  • I'm glad you had a lovely birthday and I have to say that yes, you are indeed the luckiest woman alive!! I adore Paulo Nuttini (Can you guess what my fav song is?…I'll give you a clue….it features shoes :-D)

    C x

  • Oh what a wonderful birthday you had. Happy Belateds. That Chopper loves you to pieces, doesn't he? What a lucky couple you are. As you so rightly say, memories are made of this (a very old song)!

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