Ooooh rain! Must be Glastonbury festival weekend then…

Published on Friday 26th June 2009 by DJ Kirkby

The winner of this week’s wordless Wednesday is Sparxs with ‘The last thing Tweedledee remembered was the Red Queen shouting ‘Off With Her Head!’

Honorable mentions go to Joe for ‘Gav wasn’t a big art and culture buff, but given the beer glass, the socks and the DMs, he reckoned he must have stumbled across the famous ‘Angel of the North’ that everyone had been talking about…’

Chopper with “Shit! I didn’t see that coming!”

Debs with ‘She knew this blue knicker look would soon take off.’

And, Helen for (the most random girlie caption),I’m not quite sure these shoes go with the rest of the outfit. What do you think?’ (love it Helen, how very us!)

The Elderflower champagne is all bottled. One has blown its top rather spectacularly already but I think the rest are going to behave themselves and wait to be drunk at the end of summer.

I am going to be busy making strawberry jam this weekend (among other various mummy related activities like taking boys to hair appointments, play dates, riding lessons etc),using this recipe. Yum, yum, yum and yum!

Also on my list of must do’s is to buy this book! I’ve been reading Stan’s blog for a long time and am thrilled he has a book out. If you want a sneak peek inside then you can follow this link to a clever little widget that lets you do just that.
What is on your list of things to do this rainy weekend?

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  • I shall be recovering from the week, seeing my mother who arrived yesterday from South Africa, and trying to catch up with my writing.

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  • Ta for the ‘honourable mention’ this week DJ, which makes the immediate plummeting of sales of my books in Newcastle and surrounding areas in response to my comment, completely worthwhile.

    (“Wot sales?” I hear my publisher say…)

  • There was a weather person on Radio Four doing the prediction for the weekend and he spent half the report trying to not corpse… he'd said 'muddy shites' instead of 'muddy sites'… it was funny when it happened.

  • Congratulations to the winners…there were some really great comments this week!! (I adored Helen's too :-D).

    What am I doing this weekend…I will be cleaning the house, hanging pictures and attempting to figure out where all the splat's stuff will go!! On Sunday we will be up at the crack of dawn to go and collect the wee buggers!! (Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!)

    C x

  • Hi Debs
    Sounds like you've got great plans.

    Hi Rachel
    Busy, busy!

    Hi Joe
    Lol again!

    Hi David
    And, it is funny now.

    Hi Casdok
    You are welcom to share it with us. have a lovely time with C. Good luck sorting those finger nails.

    Hi Carol
    Ah yes but Helen is one of us 🙂 Sunday is going to be yoru best day so far this year. xo

  • Yes, you can just see the eager visitors traipsing about in the mud and sliding along to find their soaking tent. Yuk!

    CJ xx

  • Hi CJ
    Looks like the weather improved. Now all the poor festival go-ers have to endure is the risk of heat stroke…not sure what is worse.

    Hi Helen
    It was much appreciated.

    Hi Nitebyrd
    Thanks. Today I am making strawberry jam, pie filling preserves and wine.

  • Wow!! I'm so chuffed at this, I've not been visiting any blogs for a while and to finally win one of your captions; well that's just made me weekend!!

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