One week to wait until I can mmmm…

Published on Friday 24th July 2009 by DJ Kirkby

One week to wait until I can marry my magnificent man (mmmm).

Unfortunately I will have to endure a brain bleed inducingly busy week of work first. In fact each day I struggle to maintain my neurotypical facade at work…so gawd knows what state I’ll actually be in by next Friday.

Why oh why didn’t I book next week off? Oh yeah…because almost everyone else on the team already had!


Ok time to stop the pity party and count my blessings: Chopper and our sons are healthy. I have my health. We have a gorgeous old house with creaky floors, rooms full of windows which let in the sunbeams so they can kiss the air inside. I sleep in the arms of the man I adore each night. Our gardens produces lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and I can pick blackberries and crab apples on a nature reserve within walking distance. We live within walking distance of the sea. I cycle to work. I have friends who see beyond my antisocial tendencies. I have a well paying job with a line manager who not only tolerates my differences but she actually thinks my Asperger’s means I am able to do some parts of the job better than others on the team. I have another well paying job where my specialist knowledge is embraced by my colleagues and absorbed by my students. This is a much nicer perspective, I’ll do my best to keep it.

What or whom do you count amongst your blessings?

This week’s wordless Wednesday winner is MommyDaddy with ‘Slow down you’re going too fast! You’re going to miss the exit! Why won’t you stop and ask directions! When you see a clean restroom stop I have to pee!’.

Honourable mention goes to Chopper for: ‘Bubba knew if his pool party was going to be successful he was going to have to raise the bar a bit further this year’ and Tim for: ‘The poolside bar wasn’t quite as nice as he remembered…’

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  • A week to go! How exciting!!
    My blessings apart from C of course-is my best friend.
    Love your caption winners. Hope you have a good week 🙂

  • I don't know if you've heard of the programme 'wife swap'[?] in the States…..although most Americans say 'trade' rather than 'swap' so if you use the word 'swap' in an ordinary sentence no-one knows what you're talking about……anyway…..howabout a 'life swap' instead? Yes, 'howabout' is one word out here too.

  • My hopes and thoughts that the wedding is a fabulous day, and that the marriage is just as fabulous long term!

    A week isn't a long time – it should fly by: enjoy the anticipation, all the good stuff is just ahead of you.

    My very, very best wishes to you both xxx

  • I didnt realise that you were marrying Chopper. How exciting.
    Please do post piccies. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day.

  • I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly!! You are going to have a wonderful day (and look absolutely stunning!!!)…just try and focus on that when the working week gets you down!!

    Ohhh, I can't tell you how excited I am for you!!

    C x

  • What fantastic news to wake up to this morning. Only one week until you marry the delicious Chopper. How wonderful. I do hope the sun shines for you as it has on your life. Love BT. xx

  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
    Love and best wishes from Northern Ontario
    PS – I count my children as my blessings in life.

  • Hi Casdok
    Thank you. xo

    Hi Debs,
    My home is for sure and my home life too but not my work life (though I know I am lucky to have a full time job). I am having a champagne fuelled afternoon tea today as my hen party, can't wait. May post some twitpics later for your amusement…

    Hi Claire
    I will post some photos of me as long as they don't make me look too much like a human cushion. Otherwise I will just post pics of Chopper and the boys! xo

    Hi Maddy
    I've heard of it and we wtch the British version. It is one of my worst nightmares. I feel so sorry for those women. xo

    Hi mommydaddy
    You're welcome and thank you.

    Hi trousers,
    Thank you so much. xo

    Hi Kahless
    I thought you had lost interest in my blogs. Nice to see you back. You must have missed the posts about our engagement. It was shortly after our book launch. I am so excited. I might post pics but only as long as I don't look too enourmous in them. Like your new profile pic. xo

    Hi Carol,
    I just can't wait and I am looking forward to seeing you in August too! xo

    Hi BT
    Awww thanks! He is rather 'delicious', isn't he? Love that description. xo

    Hi RK
    Thank you very much.

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