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Published on Friday 29th May 2009 by DJ Kirkby

Troy gave me this award, yay me! Oh…and thank you to Troy for the award and for leaving hilarious captions on Wednesdays

However, this week the bloggers whose captions I found most hilarious were Amanda with ‘Going crab-bin’ suddenly took on a whole new meaning’ and Carol with ‘That’s her taking the bin out…I told you our neighbour was really crabby!!’
Honorable mention this week goes to Chopper. I suggest you check out his blog this week as he has interviewed the novelist Rachel Green and subjects such as cat spells, demons and polygamy make an appearance. Rachel holds her own in her responses to his questions but I dread to think what he would ask me in an interview!

Chopper almost got me into loads of trouble yesterday. I was in a meeting with an uncomfortable number of high powered VIPs, realised that it was going to run over (as these things invariably do) and that I would not get home before supper as planned that morning.

So I sent Chopper a text to let him know. His response was this: ‘but I’ve had a bath, got my PJ’s on and turned back the duvet. The bed is calling me and someone needs to supervise N3S’s bug killing spree!’ Stupidly, I read his response before the meeting had finished and then laughed out loud! Which really impressed the VIP who was speaking at the time...How not to make a good impression at work by DJ Kirkby.

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  • Congrats on your award, DJ. Ooh, and thanks for mine – I’ve finally cracked it (no pun intended!). Have a great weekend!

  • Yay…I’m thrilled that my caption won!! Thanks hon 🙂

    Hahaha, that will teach you not to read Chopper’s texts whist you are in a meeting!! Actually, if it makes you feel any better I’ve done exactly the same thing…Chris sent me a text whilst I was in the middle of a board meeting and I guffawed!! I then tried to pretend that I had just choked on the sip of water I had just taken….I don’t think anyone believed me!!

    C x

    C x

  • Ha – how funny! Good for Chopper. Most meetings are so boring they could well benefit from someone suddenly laughing out loud.

  • Very amusing! Servers you right for reading a text in a meeting!!

    By the way, I couldn’t think of a caption yesterday but I was so blown away by the size of the damn crab that I think I blew a gasket!

  • Hi Amanda,
    You’re welcome. Your caption was very funny!

    Hi Debs,
    Thank you! I made that one from a photo of a peony from our garden.

    Hi Rachel
    Yes, I thought you did! He enjoyed interviewing you.

    Hi Carol
    You were very funny and deserved to win. It seems Chris’s are known for sendign hilarious texts.

    Hi JJ
    I did a lot of staring at the table till the end of the meeting!

    Hi Helen
    Good point! Chopper agrees with you on that one! I don’t do meetings if I can possibly avoid them but only ‘cos I find them a bit overwhelming.

    Hi Sparxs
    I know, I know…I’d like to say it won’t happen again but that would be a lie. The size of the crab freakede me right out. i have always wanted to live in a temperate climate until I saw that photo and realised that constant warm weather helps things grow to gigantic proportions. Perhaps the British climate isn’t so bad after all…

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