Guest Judge Friday

Published on Friday 3rd September 2010 by DJ Kirkby

This week’s guest judge is Sparxs who blogs here. We’ve been reading each others blogs for a few years now and I promise you that each of her blog posts will make you laugh. Go check her blog out, you’ll be glad you did. She has done her guest judging via mobile and text on her way to Istanbul which is why she hasn’t actually written a blurb for you.  
Sparx chose Kath’s caption as this week’s winner: “He’d left a lot more than his heart in San Francisco to get these shoes but boy, were they ever worth it!” – she says she chose that one because everyone succumbs to pink shoes at some point! Sparxs chose Laydilejur as the runner up this week for: “Where the flipping ‘ell is my handbag…?”

Congratulations Kath, Sparxs has given you a copy of her novel The Green King (which is an utterly fabulous YA read) as your prize! Send me your postal address please.

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  • I'm pleased to say that I am still awaiting the point when I succumb to my pink shoes.

    PS: Don't read that as eagerly awaiting.

    PPS:(The future's bright, the future's pink…doesn't quite have the same ring to it?).

  • Wow, thanks for picking my caption, Sparx, and I'm thrilled at the generous prize. Thank you! I look forward to reading it. DJ – I'll email my snail mail address.

  • Kath, thanks for the laugh! I hope you enjoy the book, it is for children really, 8 yrs plus, but possibly tolerable for a grown up! Do let me know.

    And Troy… You Will Succumb to the pink… OK maybe not.

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