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Published on Friday 16th April 2010 by DJ Kirkby

Aunty Vixs here – I only popped round to eat scones, drink tea and catch up with Chez Aspie but have ended up being “told” to choose the winner this week. All of the comments were fab but the winner is Gumpher with: “By lunchtime, Agnes from accounts was starting to regret her choice of outfit for the company’s first dress down Friday”. Having worked in an office where we used to have dress down Friday you do get to see some sights – luckily not quite this bad! Can I go back to my scones now?

Thank you Auntie Vixs, thank you to those of you who entered a caption this week, and most espescially thank you to everyone for not asking if that was a photo of me! Congratulations, and welcome to my blog Gumpher.  Here is your winner’s badge, display it with pride.

I’ve had a lovely week off with N3S. We’ll both be sad to get back to school and work, reality always has to ruin everything doesn’t it?. This week off has come at a perfect time as it means I’ve been home to keep an eye on Werecat while I get her established on her insulin regime. Having a diabetic cat who also has Alzheimer’s is a bit of a nightmare. She keeps forgetting she is eating, wanders off without finishing but has to finish so she can have her insulin which means I am reduce to following her around the house at frequent intervals until she has cleared her plate!
I’ve been very excited about going to the London Book Fair next week. It’s my once a year book geek treat. This year however, there is volcanic ash disrupting the arrivals of authors, publishers and agents who expected to attend the London Book Fair, so it may be a comparatively subdued affair. Even worse the ash is due to hit ground today meaning Chopper, N3S and Grumplestiltskin shouldn’t leave the house as they are all asthmatic! Yes, we do have an asthmatic cat. My family is known for ending up with weird animals. *sigh*
Come back on Sunday when I’ll be posting a few truths and one lie. It’ll be up to you to decide which is which.

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  • Gotta love the weird pets… how about a cat allergic to their teeth and the bacteria in the plaque.

    One question, reading the blurb about Without Alice sounds amazing. When will it be published; I can't wait to read it.

  • Eyefankyew for your award. Yay!

    We suffered with a forgetful old mog a few years ago. He spent his last few years content, but with a permanently bemused air.

  • Hi Danielle,
    Welcome! That is one odd pet allright! One of yours? I'm glad you like the sound of Without Alice. I'll video a reading of the first chapter and get it up on YouTube for you to listen to by tomorrow afternoon hopefully. I don't know when it will be published yet but there is a publisher reading it at the moment. Finger's crossed he likes it enough to offer me a contract for it.

    Hi GoK
    Not around here it isn't! 🙂

    Hi Gumpher
    Thanks for visiting and joining in! I love what you said on your blog about the smell of your wife being one of yor favourite things. Lovely. Old Werecat seems quite content most of the time too esp now that the weather is warm enough to potter around outside a bit.

    Hi Talli and Vi
    Yes he got quite a few giggles Chez Aspie.

  • Your cat is a star!! I love how he forgets his food, what a great image! Your week with N3S sounds great – special times then work has to spoil it all. xx

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