Fabulous Friday Book Bonanza (and more)

Published on Friday 7th May 2010 by DJ Kirkby

There are a lot of exciting things to be discovered by following the links in this post today. 

Stephanie launched her Brilliant Book Bonanza this week.  Follow this link to read the press release.

 I’ve posted a new story on Authortrek and the needy child in me is coveting your votes or comments below my story on the Authortrek site.

 The Dotterel has launched a new writing course, click on the badge below to be whizzed there.
There are several wordless Wednesday winners this week.  All of you in fact! Every one of you made me laugh out loud. 
Indi for: “Does my ass look big in this?”
Tim for: “You don’t want to see what happens when his “Spider-Sense” starts tingling…”
Karen for: “What am I doing? I’m fighting the Invisible Man.”
Carol for: “I am invincible!! I have balls of steel…ok, perhaps not steel but they are blue which is kinda cool!!”
Ladybird World Mother for: “Jeff forgot that it was his UNDERPANTS that should be visible outside his suit.”
Gumpher for: “Trevor knew that if he could finally master Tai Chi, his penis would grow, and he too, would have real super powers.”

Peggy for: “Middle Aged Super Heroes really are figments of their imagination…”

Troy for: “Listen mate, don’t rub me up the wrong way….my blue paint might come off on your hands”. And for:
“William was certain that no one would see through his superhero disguise yet people still kept shouting “Hey, little Willy!”
Debs for: “It was beginning to dawn on him as he stood in the shop window that maybe he’d forgotten something.”
Lily for: “Something told him that his audition for the next spiderman movie would be a memorable one.”
Everyone’s a Critic for: “They told me it was an audition for Spiderman and the Fantastic Fore!”
John for: “Look outtttt… here comes the smaller-than-a-spider-man!”
Go say hello to each other, you funny people!

Thank you all so much for your positive comments on the first posted excerpt from Without Alice. I’ll post the next excerpt on Sunday

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  • Can't believe I missed Wordless Wednesday again – where does the time go? Although, have to say, I know I wouldn't have been able to think up a caption as funny as your winners'.

    Can't wait for the next excerpt of Without Alice.

    Off now to investigate the links.


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