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“Doing” a Doctorate – week 12

I am in a limbo between finishing my first unit and the next one starting so no Doctorate related news. I went on a jaunt to London this week for the Nursing & Midwifery Genomics Round Table which started off with a 1.5 hour long delay due to multiple problems …

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“Doing” a Doctorate – week ten

This week has been quite stressful in terms of trying to juggle all of the everything that is part of the role of being a lecturer in midwifery, trying to fit exercise and family time ┬áin around loooong work days, whilst also working on my doctorate in the evenings and …

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“Doing” a Doctorate – week six

Hard to believe I am now on week six (minus two so this may actually be week four, see week two for explanation) and I have not even managed to write an assignment plan, let alone begun working on the draft. Arrrrggggghghh, panic stations! I need to start these things …

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