Published on Monday 10th February 2014 by DJ Kirkby

I am allergic to curry spices. I know of only a few other people who are also allergic. Yes, eating out is complicated! Last year I developed an intolerance to lactose which ended up with me being referred to a dietitian, and then on to a senior dietitian when it was realised that there were other foods that I was probably intolerant to.

Anyway, the senior dietitian put me on the FODMAP elimination diet (developed for people with IBS but now used for others with food intolerances) to find out exactly what foods I am not able to eat. I was a bit concerned about going on this diet because I love to eat, and the dietitian had warned me that the FODMAP diet is quite restrictive but I have found that what she actually meant is that foods need to be prepared by hand, and a lot of ready prepared food is not suitable. I love to cook and bake so it has been an enjoyable challenge for me.

It did take me a while to begin the diet because Christmas feasting got in the way I needed to figure out what to put on the shopping list for the week, and to do this I needed to have a clear picture of what a week of FODMAP meals looked like. I couldn’t find any really useful sites that laid out weekly meal detail so I sat down and wrote out all my meals week by week. I also began photographing some of them and put the photo up on a pintrest board which you can see by clicking here.

My tips:

  • FODMAP elimination diets should be supervised by a senior dietitian – do not put yourself on the FODMAP diet unless advised to do so by a professional.
  • Be organised: decide which meals you are going to eat for the week / month and write your shopping list out accordingly
  • Bake cookies, cake and other suitable sweet treats in advance so you have snacks ready for your packed lunches or snacks.
  • Make up a batch of homemade gravy and freeze it in an ice cube tray ready for use as necessary
  • Watch out for hidden FODMAPS: not all items in same food group are suitable (for example pumpkin is ok to eat but butternut squash is not)
  • If you’re following the diet correctly you should begin to feel the benefits within a few days but be prepared to sleep very deeply at night once you do (it’s astonishing how much troubled tummies interfere with sleep patterns without you being aware of it)
FODMAP suitable slow roast lamb, roast potatoes, veg and gravy

FODMAP suitable slow roast lamb, roast potatoes, veg and gravy


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