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Maternal and Childhood Obesity (MaCO)

maco-logoMaCO is a Bournemouth University distance learning package that I wrote the content for. MaCO is designed to enable people working with women, children and families to develop the underpinning knowledge and communication skills required to confidently discuss the health risks associated with maternal and childhood obesity. MaCO uses a range of different resources to suit all learning needs, is easy to follow, can be done at your own pace and in your chosen place thus enabling you to help women and children under your care to make and maintain healthier lifestyle choices.

Who is this for?
• Midwives, Midwifery support workers,
• Health Visitors, School Nurses, Nursery Nurses, Healthcare support workers,
• General Practitioners, Nurses, Practice nurses, Doctors
• Health Trainers, Childrens’ Centre Workers, Public Health Practitioners,
• Student health visitors / school nurses / dietitians / nurses / doctors,
• Any other professionals working with women, children or families.

Efficient and Accessible
• Online learning package
• MaCO has Degree and Masters level accreditation for higher CPD but is also available as unaccredited study if the learner would prefer this.
• Easy to use and navigate
• Resources to use during and after your time spent studying MaCO
• Bite-sized elements which can be completed at your own pace in your chosen place
• 6 months to complete to package

• Introduction to the Public Health aspects of obesity including current research and guidelines
• Weight / fat proportion assessment tools and health risk assessment tools
• Psychological impact of obesity
• Pre conceptual support
• Physiological impact of obesity in relation to antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care
• Perinatal and childhood weight management issues
• Developing a holistic approach to obesity management
• Myth busters and top tips
• Brief interventions
• Weight and lifestyle risk assessment resources
• Workbook
• End of MaCO learning package assessment
• Beginning and end evaluation of learning

Public Health Outcomes supported by MaCO
• Best start for all
• Reduction in childhood obesity
• Improvement in maternal health outcomes

Impact of MaCO on care delivery and to long term health outcomes
Learners are engaged in a variety of activities, which encourage consideration of resource implications and other issues that compound the provision of care in today’s NHS MaCO has the long term potential to improve maternal and childhood health outcomes through the provision of effective advice and guidance in relation making suitable lifestyle choices and encouraging behavioural modifications. The ultimate outcome of the MaCO package is that these lifestyle changes become autonomous at an individual client led level, and are sustainable and transferrable from mother to child.

If you would like to hear me talking about MaCO you can watch the WIRES podcast.

If you would like to gain access to this learning package please email Mary-Ann Robertson mrobertson(@) to discuss.

To find out more about the research into midwifery and public health  at Bournemouth University please follow this link