The adventures of an Xbox Ambassador – part two

Published on Friday 11th June 2010 by DJ Kirkby

We got in late yesterday evening got to the hotel at 9.30pm which was about 4am English time.  We were much less shattered than I expected considering we’d been up 24 hours.  We flew Air New Zealand and I thought it was an unusual choice of airline for Xbox but after having experienced their service (the best cabin crew ever!) and legroom (loads of legroom),  I am now a convert and can’t imagine flying with any other airline.  Because of their good care, N3S and I tolerated the flight relatively well and neither of us had embarrassing meltdowns, much to all of our relief.

The hotel is as amazing as it looks in the brochures which was a pleasant surprise as I’ve come to expect the reality to always be a somewhat tarnished version of what is advertised.  Sometimes I enjoy being wrong 🙂 Despite the great flight and good care we received, I felt a bit agitated when we got in and so did N3S so I plonked him in the jacuzzi bathtub in his room and then  set about unpacking.  I couldn’t get him out of that bathtub for ages!  Finally , we bribed him out and got him tucked tightly into bed.  Not just because we love him but because the mattresses are so thick that even Chopper has to literally climb into bed! The top of the mattress comes to my hip height and I’m 5 foot 9 inches!

Today were off to Disney Land after breakfast.  N3S is beside himself with joy.  He takes after me that way. Unfortunately he takes after his dad in his preferred choice of rides.  Whilst I like the ‘It’s a small, small world’ style of ride, N3S likes anything that goes a minimum of eleventymillion miles an hour and preferably to experience it suspended upside down over  the grand canyon of drops!    I’ll be exploring the hotel and beach in detail later and will post all about it and our day at Disney tomorrow.

Last but not least, the wordless Wednesday winner for photo one as chosen by N3S  is Cheryl: “Warning, uncontrolled teeth descending!”  and photo two caption winner is Troy: Bride to Groom “Have you got the ring?” Tigger “Yes, I think he just found it!” Congratulations to you both.  Please help yourself to your badge and display it with pride.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more excitable posting from LA baby!

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  • When I read your blog yesterday I didn't realise that "we are on our way" actually meant there and then! How much notice for the trip did you get?
    And when I read last Friday's blog and saw your Snerk winning award I thought "I want one of those" so I'm pleased to get one this week.
    I'm looking forward to reading part 3 and later adventures in LA.

  • Happy to hear that you were treated well by Air NZ. See? They obviously recognised you for the VIP you are.

    It all sounds amazing, and I hope you have a blast at Disney Land.

    I have to go and get ready to go out now and am going to have an interesting time trying to find something to go with the lovely shade of green I've turned.

    Have fun! x

  • Glad you got in safely and that everything is as amazing as it looks! Enjoy it all and I expect plenty of photos upon your return.

  • Oh wow!! You;re there!! Have a brilliant brilliant time!!!

    I remember absolutely loving Disney so I look forward to your part 3!

    Congrats to the winners of your worldless wednesday comps.!!

    Take care

  • Hi Linda
    Disney California was as amazing as I remembered it being.

    Hi FH
    We Had a brillinat and very full on day. Writing blog post in a min.

    Hi Troy,
    If anyone ever deserved a snerk award it is you! We got about 6 weeks notice about the trip and then had to see if we could get the time off work and boys out of school /college. We were embargoed from talking about the trip for ages too.

    Hi Kath
    Lol. Air NZ didn't think I was A List. You should have seen the service they gave to A List people. OMG! I can see why it's Xbox's airline of choice.

    Hi Jill
    Thsnk you 🙂

    Hi Talli
    We've taken eleventymillion photos already but can't post them 'cos I don't have the software to upload them onto my notebook. Must take some whith Chris's phone and bluetooth them over.

    Hi Aly
    We were gone from 9 am to 9 pm and it was amazing. I'm going to post about it in a min.

    Hi Kitty
    We're here and N3S never wants to leave. The hotel is all kinds of dcadence and we could quite happily indulge ourselves permanatly too. Disney was just fab.

  • Air New Zealand sounds fantastic – I'll definitely look into using them in future.

    Congratulations to your winners.


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