The Teen is NOT amused!

Published on Saturday 31st December 2016 by DJ Kirkby

The Hunk has this affliction whereby each day he gets a snippet from a random song stuck in his head, and he spends much of the day singing the same line. Understandably, it tends to drive him bonkers.
However, today it was the cause of much hilarity (for us) – we were both in the kitchen – I was cooking and he was belting out the line of the day “I want to get sexual” for the umpteenth time. Not a hint, honest. What? I was COOKING FOOD, people! Get real, we’re old and those days of wild abandon are long gone. *snerk*
Anyway the Teen came down the stairs (lured by the smell of cooking no doubt), overheard his dad, and said “well that’s disturbing” before going straight back upstairs. Goodness knows what he thinks we get up to in the kitchen while making meals.
We convinced him it was safe to come and eat with us, and he did, grudgingly. Now I can’t stop laughing because the Hunk is playing a video of the actual song on a loop and dad dancing to it. The Teen is NOT amused.

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