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The joys of writing

I have to say I find writing a joy simply for the release it brings me. However, the multifaceted gem that is the life of an author means there are numerous additional benefits to writing. A few of my favourites are (in no particular order): receiving lovely reviews from satisfied readers …

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Autism Ambassador

When I was offered the opportunity to become an Autism Ambassador I leapt at the chance. I think I am already a positive voice for people with autism, and I am always looking for new ways to raise awareness of autism in the community and my workplaces as well as supporting …

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The Rules

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to my latest book – The Rules. Sometimes the only way you can win is to put your own spin on the rules. For as long as he can remember, Cody has lived by the three rules his father insists they …

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Bajamawammers & Fartknockers

A few years ago a reader challenged me to fit the words “Bajamawammers” and “Fartknockers” into a future book. I’ve done it (go me) but cannot remember who the reader was and am therefore unable to acknowledge their contribution. If you were the person who set me the challenge please …

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Review of 2014

Last year Caroline Smailes wrote on her blog: “I have a jar, it sits on my desk. When a small moment makes me smile, I write it down on a piece of paper. I’ve managed to do this all year. I’ve written down every single moment of happy, I’ve folded …

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Tween Ambition

Our tween was given art homework which encouraged him to “produce a colourful and vibrant Christmas scene, presented in any way you like, out of any materials you have available”. Did our tween choose an easy and stress free option like drawing, painting or even making a collage? No, he did not. …

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