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“Doing” a Doctorate – week 29

I was too ill with the snottemp virus  last week to remember to mention that I’ve been granted the funding to go to the Future Technologies Conference and represent the NoObesity Apps. The funding is thanks to the goodwill of my faculty’s conference funding committee and Health Education England who funded the …

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“Doing” a Doctorate – week 26

The NoObesity Apps paper which I submitted for FTC18 has been accepted. Seriously. I know, I can hardly believe it either! Now there’s just the not inconsiderable issues of funding to overcome.  Health Education England have offered to contribute a third of my travel and conference fees, and I have …

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“Doing” a Doctorate – week 24

Have to say that the experience of presenting at the Open Educational Resources (OER) conference was pretty kick ass…. what? That is SO a doctoral level language phrase. It was an awesome experience and privilege to be invited to present to delegates who had travelled to the conference from all …

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