New shoes = new run route

Published on Sunday 9th March 2014 by DJ Kirkby

After my unpleasant experience with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) last year and the subsequent many weeks of enforced exercise ban,  I have been trying to trail run only. An opportunity to run as part of Team Honk for Sports Relief 2014, got me back running on concrete again but I had to wear my baby’s shoes as I only had my trail running shoes. Ridiculous, I know but I thought the city run would be a one off so there was no point buying a pair of shoes.


Turns out my ITB coped with the run so I’ve booked myself in for a road race in June and will definitely be pushing myself to get out and train for it.  Obviously I can’t do it in borrowed shoes so this pair of Hi – Tec road shoes are what I’ll be wearing  for the training and the race.



I have been wearing them as my every day shoes for a couple of weeks now (to break them in before running in them – yes, I’m still nervous about setting off a flare up of ITBS) and they are the most comfortable shoes I have worn for a long time so I am confident that they are going to give me all the support I need.  Hopefully I will have a photo of me smiling at the end of the race instead of grimacing as I stretch out my ITB.


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