My Dream of You

Published on Thursday 30th January 2014 by DJ Kirkby

Final MDOYI wrote My Dream of You after reading about a woman who went through a life changing experience. I could’t stop thinking about what it must have been like to live through that, and eventually Betty came to life as a character. Please understand I am not implying that Betty’s feelings and solutions to the problem are in any way a reflection of the experience of the woman I read about because only she can tell her story. However, I do hope the words I wrote in My Dream of You shows the respect I have for all the women who were made to endure this hardship in the past, and for those who are still experiencing similar treatment in some cultures today.


Crime of passion or cruel twist of fate? One summer’s day Betty let love carry her a step too far. That exquisite sun dappled afternoon became one of her best memories but also the catalyst for the worst experience of her life. Now elderly, Betty has been running from her past since she was a teenager, and it’s about to catch up with her. Will the experience be as awful as she fears or wonderful beyond imagining?

You can download a free copy of My Dream of You on Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 by clicking here.

P.S. Some of you may have seen My Dream of You wearing a different cover because it was first published in 2012. I recently took back the rights for this book and decided it needed a fresh new look.

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