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Published on Sunday 16th November 2008 by DJ Kirkby

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought a ticket to our double book launch. It is really quite exciting to think that we are going to meet so many fellow bloggers.

Please pass the message about the event on to your friends and family, the more the merrier. We will let you know how much we raised and which charities it went to at the end of January.

I am delighted to say that there is more shameless self promotion coming your way… a whole hour of it will be aired on Express FM 93.7 Tuesday 18th from 7-8pm. Click here to go to Express FM and then click on the big red ON AIR button to listen on line.

Here is an excellent offer to ease your Christmas shopping woes from those lovely people at Gallic books. They publish some of the most remarkable books I have come across such as The Suicide Shop and The Elegance of the Hedgehog (the most special book I have ever read). You can now buy books direct from their website with free giftwrap, postage and packing worldwide until the 18th December. As an added bonus they are guaranteeing to despatch your order within 24 hours!

‘Nicknames’ in use at Chez Aspie:
Teegeeweegeewoowoo – for N3S
-Fairy Elephant – for N2S
-Sweetie, Darling or Honey – for Chopper, N1,2&3 sons
Werecat or Meep Meep – for our 15 year old half feral cat
Flicky Flicky or Grumple Stiltskin – for our 8 year old cat
-Chopper or Big Man – for Chris

Chopper and the boys don’t use one for me…which I didn’t realise until I began this…I might have to sulk…

Do you have any nicknames for your family and/or pets? Add them in the comment box if you want to share. Hope to see you all on wordless Wednesday. xo

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  • i have nicknames for my husband and son – my husband used to just be ‘lovey’ but now they are both lovey so to differentiate my husband is now ‘big lovey’ even though my son is now taller than him! dave the puppy is ‘daveling’ or ‘puppalup’ and will no doubt still be ‘puppalup’ when he is an old fellow, and joker is ‘big man’ or ‘man in a dog suit’.

  • Hi Joker
    Those are great nicknames. I esp like ‘man in dog suit’ as going by the photos of Joker that I’ve seen, the nickname suits!

    Hi Casdok,
    Yes it is shaping up to be an amazing evening, I am just so excited. I am a bit nervous about the radio show airing on Tuesday though ‘cos as you know, I was having a very Aspie day so I can’t even imagine what I will sound like…

  • I used to call my eldest son ‘Monkey Man’ because when he was a toddler he used to climb everywhere. My middle son is the ‘Little Professor’ or the ‘Crazy Professor’ if his hair was a mess lol. My daughter has many nick names including Madame, Cheese, Squeeze and The Silent Assissin!
    I used to have a dog called Benji but I used to call him Barnt Bit (god knows why!)

  • haha ‘cheese’ not beacuse of the smell ( god that sounds bad, no she doesnt smell of cheese) but I think perhapes because it rhythms with her name lol Her dad tends to use that one more!

  • Sorry, just waited about half an hour for Mrs Troy to get off MY computer. Yes, I was being serious about the newt.
    A chameleon eh? That makes a nice change.

  • I meant to tell you in the last response about buying food for my pet newt. The pet shop sold water with very small fleas in it for newts (and frogs etc.). It came in a small see-through bag like you get the goldfish at the fair. When I used to take the food home on the bus people would tell me that my goldfish had escaped. Funny until the 53rd time.

  • Smudge had lots of nicknames. Jason called him The Smudgelet, and Fudge. I called him Furball and Leigh’s small daughter renamed him Spludge. When he was naughty he became ‘Smudge Hunt’!

    I may do all my Christmas shopping on line and buy everyone books this year. There are so many to choose from!

  • Troy
    Lol to both! I am computer dominant in our house or so I like to believe. I’ve seen that flies in water stuff as I used to have an Axolotl who yummed them down.

    Hi Helen
    Smudge Hunt? Did he hide? Great nicknames, all of them. xo

  • God (and Ben) forgive me, but I came up changing our son’s name to “Flip”…it was just out of the blue until I realized just how appropriate it was.

    He’s always “flipping” me off!

    He hates it. Mom,1 ;son, 0.

  • Dj will people be able to listen to your broadcast on the computer somehow?

    I have several names for my kid-buddy, stinker, babybutt

    hubby-babe, hun (things I never thought I’d call my husband, they just flow)

    cats-asshole, fucker, kittty face, pus

  • Our poor dog answers to so many names, and it’s only when friends or family pop round that I realize how silly some of them are.

    I call my daughter, Lil (not anything her real name) and she answers to it without thinking.

  • Funny, I don’t have a nickname for pickle, but I do for Dill. That is his nickname, or dillbug. We don’t even shorten Pickles name at all. Funny how some people have nicknames, others don’t. A nickname I got from a friend back in oz, was *name*toucan which was from a famous cereal packet character back in oz. My mate used to say to me Toucan better than one can!

  • Hi RB
    Lol, good one.

    Hi Bonnie
    Tsk…don’t you like cats then? Your cats look gorgeous.

    Hi Debs
    Nicknames are odd, I wonder why we do it?

    Hi Trixie
    I didn’t realise that Dill was his real nickname, I assumed they were both ‘blognames’. I hope the fact tha tyou are blogging means that you are feeling better now.

  • Our dogs have dozens of nicknames each. Our whippet Ruby gets: Rhubarb, Ootboot, Oobydo and Ah bah.

    Our Kelpie Rudi only hears his real name rarely, mostly he’s Fud. He also gets Boofhead, Bargearse, Tunks, Pitford and Squidge.

    Nah, we’re not silly about our pets at all 😉

  • I don’t think any of us use our real names in the house, they are more evolutions from baby names. I couldn’t possibly repeat them here, I’d blush! And many of them can’t be spelt.

  • Hi EC
    Your posts about your dogs always make me giglle and I love the sound of the word ‘Fud’. It is very ‘clean’.

    Hi Jon
    I know what you mean, I really struggled to think of how to type out our nickname for N3S, that is one from when he was a baby that stuck with him.

  • I call one of our dogs “Norman Bates” because he’s psycho. The names I call the rest of the family aren’t publishable. 😉

  • Hi DJ,

    We call our oldest son Cece from the danone commercial “c’est si bon”, I don’t remember how it started. My husband used to call my oldest daughter “gummy bear” when she was a baby.Our second daughter loves peanut butter and we used to call her Peanut butter Princess.
    I call the little one Maxi-Maxi and my husband calls him Little Mo.
    My cat’s name used to be Canaille (bad boy in French) and we used to call him Mr. Canaille.
    We don’t have time for pets anymore, unless they’re butterflies!One of them was named Turtlefrog.
    Take care.

    PS:thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • Hi Troy
    That is brilliant! I was having a very Aspie day when the interview was recorded so I am a bit concerned as to how entertaining I will actually be. I have now convinced myself that I chose the two most boring stories out of my whole memoir to read. Apologies in advance and I do hope you will let me know what you thought of the interview!

    Hi Nitebyrd,
    Lol…why am I not surprised???

    Hi Sandrine
    Those are all such lovely nicknames! Erm…all except ‘Turtle frog’..I don’t understand…you named a butterfly ‘Turtlefrog’?

  • If I was in the UK I would so definitely come to your book launch but as the gallant Trou has said your station is available over the net, i will be tuning in/

    thanks for that Troy and DJ, the best of luck with everything – you deserve only good things to happen to you

  • p.s. I liked the look of that Muriel Barberry book so have just ordered a copy. Embarassing eh? – here’s me living in France and all the best French books just pass me by.

  • Hi FF
    I hope the interview is interesting for those listening. I am going to try and listen but it is not on at a good time for our house as it is N3S’s bath/bedtime. I can not reccomend Muriel Barberry’s book enough, it is exquisite, beautiful, clever and illuminating. I am sick with envy over her skills as an author.

  • p.s. FF,
    I have put the next excerpt up on ‘The Plump WAG’s Club’ blog for you. Not the excerpt you were hoping for but perhaps you will enjoy it all the same? I am deeply into a modern Western that I am writing (trying to anyway) and so the PW’sC isn’t getting much attention at the moment.

  • I’m not going to be able to listen online at the time but will there be a listen again option?

    As for nicknames:

    Chris – Hon, Petal, Sweetie, Christoph

    Me – Chris calls me donut (cause he says I have a hole where my brain should be…I choose to think of it as a term of endearment!!), My Dad calls me Toots and My Mum calls me Lamb Chop. At school my nickname was Red because they thought I looked like red from Fraggle Rock!!

    Cats – Splats and we do have a light tenancy to call Gai Pudding cause he’s got a bit fat!!

    C x

  • Hi DJ,

    I guess I should have explained.We have Monarchs coming to our garden (for the milkweed).Each kid gets a turn to pick a caterpillar.When it gets ready to cocoon,we put it in a jar and it gets a name.When it becomes butterfly,the kid it belongs to releases it.Turtlefrog was the choice of my 4 years old daughter (at the time).She is the one in the family that likes to play with words and make up some (like goodelicious).
    Take care.


  • Hello! We’re so boring. Charlie is ‘the spud’ or, when we’re feeling all fond of him ‘baby bear’. We don’t have any other nicknames! I’m sure that will change as he learns more about the world of speech… Thanks for the hints ref Bubblecow in your last post too!

  • ha…I call my 16 month old…little man. My oldest I call…the prince.

    My girl calls me…”Love of my life or Queen of my Queendom.”

    I call her “My boo.” No reason…

    Ciao babe…take care.

  • Hey Denyse, we’re not very adventurous with our nicknames – Callie = Cal-Jo, Sukie = Suke/s and Bonnie = Bon Bon!

    BTW thank you for the tip on selling pictures, I appreciate your comment

  • Hi Carol
    The producer was supposed to send me an audio clip like last time but hasn’t got it to me yet. If he does, I will try and send it to you.

    Hi Sandrine
    Thanks for explaining. It was a lovely glimpse into your world. I would love to be able to experience something like that. What a special memory for your children.

    Hi Sparx
    I think Spud’s nickname is so cute.

    Hi Spiky
    I knew most of those from reading your blog, I now realise. ‘My boo’, that’s nice.

    Hi BGS,
    I love the name Sukie, I must use it in a book! Good luck selling your photos they are amazing.

  • So exciting!

    We are soooo boring. We don’t have nick names in my family at all. ;( I always think about coming up with some but I can never think of any.

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