Growing Old (dis)Gracefully

Published on Wednesday 8th October 2014 by DJ Kirkby

Have you ever thought – “Been there, done that, and gone one better than you!”? If you have then the Growing Old (dis)Gracefully anthology is the place for you to share those experiences.  This is your chance to tell everyone who reads this anthology what you did, why you decided to do it and why you think they should do it too.

Contributions to this anthology will be accepted worldwide from contributors who are aged 60 years plus at time of contribution. The anthology will be published as an ebook by December 20th 2014 and will be available for free to anyone who wishes to download a copy. To have your anecdote(s) included you will need to send it to me by the 15th November 2014. If you are not sure where to start then there are some ideas of the information you couple provide below:

  • The activity you have done (for example – skinny dipping when you were 40 years old)
  • Your age and the age you were when you did the activity
  • Why you decided to do it (for example- because you were spending the weekend with friends from secondary school)
  • Where you did it (for example – a private beach in the Med)
  • What you liked best about it (for example – the look of appreciation from your old flame)
  • Why you think everyone should try it (for example – the feeling of freedom)

If you wish for your anecdote to be published anonymously then please make that clear in your email or letter and I will make sure your confidentiality is protected in the anthology but you will still need to give me your name (in confidence) and your permission to publish your anecdote in this anthology. Ready to contribute? Then click here to email me (include GOG in the subject line) or post your anecdote to:

Dee Kirkby c/o Portsmouth City Council 
Growing Old (dis)Gracefully anthology
Seafront Services and Events Team, 
Avenue de Caen, Southsea,
Portsmouth,  Hampshire,
PO5 3NS, England

Please note: the anthology will be available for free to anyone who wishes to download it so you will not receive a payment for your anecdote, but you will retain copyright of your story.


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