“Doing” a Doctorate – week eight

Published on Saturday 30th December 2017 by DJ Kirkby

Veganuary, it’s an actual thing! Other than the propensity for an overabundance of onions (which should be banned from inclusion in recipes), I think vegan is a good lifestyle choice.

I’ve been considering going vegan for a long time now and this seems like a good way to try it out for a month and see if I can actually survive being cheese free. I still love eating cheese despite being lactose intolerant, and I think my body will only thank me for going cold turkey on the cheese and lactose free dairy products (and I wont mind missing out on the other animal by products). My brain, on the other hand, is freaking out about the whole idea of being cheese free.

When I told my youngest (whom I normally rope into things with me) of my plan to go vegan, his face filled with horror despite eating vegan food quite happily if he isn’t told it’s vegan.  My husband reminded me that I had agreed to us having a roast of beef for Jan 1st but, as he bought a second Thug Kitchen cookbook without any prompting from me, and quite happily comes along to OffBeet for lunch dates, I reckon he has no one but himself to blame for my new challenge so he and youngest will just have to get on with eating the roast without me.

With a half marathon race just over a month from now, this is going to have to be a well planned dietary challenge to ensure my body has all the nutrients it needs to do all of the running. Good thing I don’t have any other demands on my time like a rapidly approaching deadline for submission of an assignment for my doctorate….

Week 7: read week seven by clicking here
Publishable doctorate words written –  no new words
Doctorate assignment words written (total needs to be 5000.00) – 2202 words on paper (not necessarily good words or in the right order, but it’s a start)
Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillion
Miles run – ZERO (I’ve been ill since the 19th Dec)
Cakes baked –  none, but a lot of cake eating has happened
Crafting done – none
Books read for pleasureA Very Coco Christmas by Robert Bryndza, Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson, Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge (see 2017 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – The Theory and Practice of Teaching by Peter Jarvis, Teaching and Learning Science by Derek Hodson, Succeeding With Your Doctorate by Jerry Wellington et al., Adult Education and Lifelong Learning by Peter Jarvis, Professional Doctorates by David Scott et al., The New Midwifery by Lesley Page, Research and Evaluation for Busy Practitioners by Helen Kara, Working in Public Health edited by Fiona Sim and Jenny Wright
Movies watched for doctorate – none, but I have been watching a lot of the AI videos on the BBC News page. Procrastination, moi?
Articles read for doctorate – Greater than the sum of its parts: Transition into the first year of undergraduate nursing, Phenomenography: A Qualitative Research Approach for Exploring Understanding in Health Care, An ontological turn for higher education, NHS bursary reform, Action research to improve the pre-registration midwifery curriculum Part. 3: Can fitness for practice be guaranteed? The challenges of designing and implementing an effective assessment in practice scheme, European Union Standards for Nursing and Midwifery: Information for Accession Countries,Comparing Conceptions of Social Ontology: Emergent Social Entities and/or Institutional Facts?, Standards for pre-registration midwifery education, The Code: Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives, Tripartite assessment of learners during practice placements in midwifery pre-registration programmes.

Blogs read for doctorate – Blueprint Teacher (suggestions of suitable / recommended reading welcomed in comment section below)
Research undertaken – 43 of 44 students have completed the first survey,  and 22 of 44 students have completed the 2nd survey so far
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none (not in a place where I have anything to show)
Meetings with ALN support – none, the university is closed for Christmas week so they are all taking a well deserved break
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – not applicable as I am technically on holiday (from work, but clearly not from studying work, think I need more practice at learning how to holiday without adding work into it)
Overall average stress level – minimal
Average success rate – enough to make me happy

Plan for next week:

  • Shed this cold so I can start running again
  • Eat vegan
  • Finish rough draft of assignment
  • Amend articles after feedback from people who want to be co-authors
  • Continue to recruit students from two other countries to participate in research
  • Bake more
  • Crochet more
  • Spend as much time as possible with grandchildren
  • Read just for the fun of it
  • Allow myself to get distracted by all things shiny and appreciate that for the future creativity and benefit it may add to my doctorate

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