“Doing” a Doctorate – week two

Published on Friday 17th November 2017 by DJ Kirkby

I’ve spent this week waiting to be able to access the learning content of my EdD programme, but until my references come through admin won’t give me access. This is the acceptable consequence of applying more than a month after the doctoral programme began. What is utterly ridiculous however, is that I managed to accidentally enter myself in the Coastal Half Marathon (13.1 miles in Feb 2018) and the Coastal Full Marathon (26.2 miles in Dec 2018).

No, seriously…it could only happen to me! Here is the recipe if you wish to make the same endurance racewich for yourself:


  1. One Portsmouth Triathletes AGM
  2. Inadequate lighting
  3. Eyesight of a worm


    1. Approach racing events sales table during break in proceedings
    2. Buy place for self and youngest in Santa themed race events
    3. Consider offer of year race card at bargain discount for one night only
    4. Send photo of races included in year race card to husband to check expenditure is indeed a bargain (though still expensive) and also agreeable to the expense, rather than typing out races. Because, laziness and eyesight of worm!
    5. (Very) briefly consider how odd husband’s reply of “Sure, if you’re going to do all of the races” is, then buy year race card before he can change his mind!
    6. Combine all of the above mixing briskly until all good sense has been blended out of the homogenous mixture

    Then add the following to the mix:

    1. Quiet time to enter actual races and dates in diary
    2. Good lighting
    3. Dawning realisation
    4. Utter shock
    5. Reluctance to waste money
    6. Determination to complete events
    7. Piss taking from ALL OF THE EVERYONE

    I did also win the star baker award at the AGM (see photo in gallery below) so it would appear that I have finally found a triathlon discipline that I excel at.

    Week 2: read the ‘first’ week two by clicking here
    Publishable doctorate words written –  600 (must try harder)
    Doctorate suitable papers published – none
    Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillion
    Miles run – 12 (going to have to begin significantly upping this weekly distance in preparation for HM event in Feb)
    Cakes baked – Three Christmas cakes and 56 mini cupcakes (see pics at bottom of post if you like cake porn)
    Crafting done – many rows of blanket for imminent grandson
    Books read for pleasureFinding Gobi by Deon Leonard and The Last Mrs Parrish (see 2017 reading page for link to book reviews)
    Books read for doctorate – none
    Conference proposals written – one draft
    Research funding bids written / submitted – none
    Articles read for doctorate – several
    Blogs read for doctorate – none, suggestions welcomed in comment section below
    Research undertaken – 42 of 44 students have completed the first survey
    Meetings with doctorate supervisors – two
    Meetings with ALN support – one
    Average level of guilt felt when squeezing doctorate days in work diary – moderate
    Overall average stress level – moderate
    Average success rate – acceptable

    Plan for next week:

    • begin catching up with doctoral cohort IF I am able to access the learning content
    • finish article draft that is due in Dec
    • continue to recruit students from two other countries to participate in research
    • inform participating students of focus group date
    •  exercise
    •  bake
    • crochet more
    • read for pleasure

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