A dare to reveal seven ‘fascinating’ facts

Published on Wednesday 4th July 2007 by DJ Kirkby

Prada Pixie dared me to reveal seven ‘fascinating’ facts about myself. I have a problem with this on two counts:
1) I do not think there are seven things that I wish to reveal about myself (but we’ll see how many I can manage as I continue with this post)
2) The concept of what is ‘fascinating’ is surely more than a little altered by each individuals perspective?

Fact number one:
I am a bit of a Heinz 57 mix of ethnicity. I apparently have some Sioux Indian, French Canadian, Black, Scottish, Gypsy and English in me.

Fact number two:
Both of my great grandmothers are alleged to have had more than one extra marital affair. That could explain fact number one!

Fact number three:
I won the Duke of Edinburgh’s award for sports excellence when I was 12.

Fact number four:
I was brought up to believe it is wrong to eat meat from an animal that has had an unhappy life or been killed without regard for it’s value as a giver of life through the loss of it’s own. I was also taught how to raise, kill and prepare animals for food. (Further explanation coming soon in my ‘Adventures of a wild hippie child’ blog)

Fact number five:
I really dislike speaking on the phone, especially answering it. I will go to great lengths to avoid it although I am happy to text or email.

Fact number six:
I do not like clocks and will hide mine under the bed when I do not have to work. I do not know why I have a clock in the room anyway as I tend to wake long before I have to get up for work.

Fact number seven:
I think I have Aspergers syndrome and I am considering seeking a diagnosis.

I am not tagging anyone else this time as I always inadvertently leave someone out. Instead everyone who hasn’t done so already, is invited to reveal some facts (fascinating or otherwise) about themselves on their own blogs!

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  • Yep, I was right you are barking…. clock under the bed….

    But I can identify with the phone one. Hate it, till it’s someone i know well and then i can’t shut up.

  • I love being the first to comment but it also makes nervous!

    You are so fascinating DJ! Tell us more about the sports excellence eh? Kung Fu? Ballet? lol.

    Fact number four is cool and I’d love to aspire to that. Oh and I can’t stand the phone either.

    No. 7. Do what’s right for you is all that I would say, but you know that already.

  • Oh and I still havent got round to reading your hippie blog. REAL sorry. No excuse with all this rain we’ve been having cooping us up inside. In the next week I promise.

  • hi there heinz, saucey grandmothers what! well done in the sports, but what sport?
    no 4 is really fascinating looking forward to reading about that one.
    i just love speaking on the phone.
    we have far too many clocks in our house, which is a bummer when its time to alter them all!
    seek the diagnosis, in my opinion the thinking and wondering will be doing you more harm than the knowing

  • I owned a cell phone for all of one year, then I must confess, I littered on the highway at 70 mph. And, I hate talking on the phone. The thing that bothers me is that conversations are staccato and disjointed. With letters, emails and such, I can finish my thoughts and move on. there is nothing worse than being distracted off your point and then remembering after hanging up. i think that is one of the reasons our society seems to be crumbling… no one takes the time to properly communicate anymore. (communication = community; so if the structure of our communication is crumbling, ergo….)

    Me and clocks have an agreement, they leave me alone and I don’t throw them through the window. (period.)

    And…. I know my brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I went through a rough patch for a few years and my father kept reminding me that he was Bi-polar, insinuating that I must be too, but I refused to think that I was broken – just different. Well, things have leveled out for me as I learned to cope with my emotions my own way, and not the way that is considered “normal” (i.e. not at all).

    So, there… didn’t mean to write so much, but I did. C:)

  • #1 – wow, and I thought I was mixed.

    #2 – all my great-grandparents had affairs too.

    weird. I feel like we’re related…

  • Hmm clocks, they can be irritating, can’t they? Always telling you it’s time to do this or time for that, or You’re LATE!! Time to go!! I think that’s why I gravitate to the groovy looking clocks.. I love vintage clocks and I just found a cool turquoise 50s style clock for the kitchen at a recent yard sale excursion. Makes it much more pleasant to look at!

    As for #4, does that mean you are vegetarian or …?

    #1– the more the merrier!! :o)

    I’ve always been a writer myself and disliked using the phone, even back when I could hear. Being able to hear among my classmates made me the go-to gal for calling delivery of chinese, pizza and subs. I started pretending I couldnt hear anymore so I didnt have to make anymore calls!

  • Hi Px,
    If you think I ma barking then you need to meet my mom’s side of the family! Is it any wonder I wanted to delete this post as soon as I published it?

    Hi Kahless,
    Glad you think I am fascinating! I think Px suspects I need to be inspected under a microscope… 12 years old was a long time ago (I turn 40 in a couple of weeks), there is no way I can remember what my DoE award was for! I think it was for running… and you don’t need to appol for not reading my other blog, it isnt supposed to be a chore, it is there for your reading pleasure, if indeed you do enjoy it, it isnt to everyone’s taste….(don’t say I didnt warn you)

    Hello HI,
    I just knew you’d be a phone person! Number 4 seems popular so am def going to write about it but it is five eyars in the future from when I am writing at the mo! Things get pretty crazy soon in the saga but the raising meat stuff doesnt start till I am 9. I am certain I do want to go for diagnosis just so I can say to people ‘I behave this way because I’ve got …’ instead of them just assuming I am a weirdo! Every day is a constant struggle to behave in a way that is socialy acceptable as in routine social pleasatries etc espescialy in my job where I have to convince large meetings of high powered individuals they they really DO want to do things my way. I much prefered the one on one midwifery but ‘hey ho’, that job isnt what it used to be anymore either.

    Hi Craig,
    Bi-Polar and lumberjack, now I would think that isnt a good combination and you probably would have had many more people than your dad suggesting you had a problem if this had been the case! I mean someone in a manic phase at the top of a tree with a chain saw? The thought makes me cringe! Your bit about the clocks really made me giggle. Chopper refuses to hide the clock on his side of the bed (because he is normal!) and I do have the occasional urge to ‘lose’ it out the window. I love my mobile phone it is great for texting but I just never answer it unless it is Chopper or someone connected to our boys. That is the best thing about mobiles, most times you can see who is calling!

    Hello VI
    You too find me fascinating?! Wow… Having a bit of an ego trip here…

    Hello C-TD and welcome
    I have seen you around some other blogs. Must get over to yours for a visit. As for your feeling that we are related…well all I can say to that is that it is quite possible! My family is extensive.

    Hi Jenny
    I love the sound of your turquoise clock and I do like my clock in the kitchen as it tells me when food is done. (Cooking is a particular passion of mine.)
    Not a vegetarian though I enjoy food without meat in it as much as the alternative. Chopper and the boys are stone axe carnivores though so we have a very expensive free range organic meat bill! That bit you wrote about phones was very funny! You do make me laugh.

  • Blogging and writing are obviously the right communication medium for for, especially if phones aren’t your thing! I don’t like clocks either and I reckon drawing from a large gene pool can only be a good thing! Nice posting, DJ.

  • Unfortunately, I seem to live by clocks as I always have somewhere I have to be and I hate being late. I love no. 2. My great-grandparents were very boring, as far as I know. But when did you move to this country?

  • Hi DJ.

    Magazine out, so have now got some time and I will do that music tag.

    Sorry for being crap. I blame Big Blogger!

  • The phone! OMG I have been working on getting over my fear of the phone! I think like Craig Andrew said, you can’t finish your thoughts the way you can via writing AND you don’t have the eye contact/body language the way you do when you speak in person, so you’ve got all the disadvantages but not that many advantages. Meanwhile I have 26 mostly unreturned messages on my home phone, who knows how many on the cell…

    Anyway, yes! Fascinating facts! Especially on the meat – I’m always interested in the ways people do and don’t eat animals.

  • Hi MaL,
    Writing and blogging is fun, eh? I visit yours every day ‘cos I enjoy your postings so much.

    Hi WUASTC,
    I moved here 14 years ago to become a midwife.

    Hi Tippler,
    Welcome back! I know you’ve been busy and a few of your posts about what you’ve been up to are still imprinted on my mind! I had a look at your mag a while ago from the link on your blog and I’ll def go back to have a look at the latest publication. I stopped commenting on your blog as I got a bit lost with all your polictical posts. I still enjoy reading it though. Have kept voting for you on Big Blogger!

    Hi Jill
    Lol, another phone phobic, there seems to be quite a few of us! Thanks for comming back, glad you are finding things of interest on here.

  • Hi DJ, found your blog through various others and was interested to read this post.

    Congrats on the Duke of Edinburgh award – an amazing achievement.

    I much prefer to write so I know what you mean about not liking the phone.

    Clocks! I absolutely loathe that irritating ticking as you’re trying to get to sleep! I never wear a watch eventhough I own far too many.

    Now fact no. 7 made me sit up. I don’t know you but do you honestly think that. I have a daughter with Autism. A diagnosis would help you tremendously, you will be surprised (pleasantly I hope) that support is available. A recent blog I wrote does actually contradict this but on the whole, financially and otherwise, it may be in your best interests.

    Nice to get to know you. Look forward to reading more.

    Crystal xx

  • You are terribly cosmopolitan – all of those ethnicities. Both of my grandmothers were Irish, one had fourteen children, the other sixteen. No energy for affairs of any description I would imagine.

    Completely uncosmopolitan me…


  • I just need to tell one that tells all. I am not happy–in what happens whatever way you wish to view it. There is nothing more fascinating in the pain of life which is the essence of life itself and how you cope with it- your own and others in your community.
    Y;-) Paddy.
    PS: Please forgive my dourness: (Etymology: 14c; originally Scots: from Latin durus hard) I am Scots Irish—we’ve been there and back again.

  • Hello Dulwich Mim
    Your poor grandmothers, how exhausted they must have been. Now don’t pretend you are not cosmopolitan, I’ve read your blog!

    Hi CJ
    Yes I really do think I have Aspergers. However I know it would not be of finaincial benefit as I would be considered too high functioning to require anything from the DLA. I am almost 40 and hold a managerial position, it is a struggle to do so and not speak my mind but I do it.

    I am however looking to change careers and an autistic spectrum disorder would not be something I would mention at any job interview either. I need all the help I can get simply to be sucessful in interviews!

    My 4 1/2 year old son is thought to have Aspergers (Paediatrician is pushing for diagnosis next year), and I am not certain how much support is out there, we get a lot form the local autism network which is nice as we can go out and let him play in various kids play centres that he wouldnt normally be able to cope in, but the EP, CAMHS team, S&L etc, I am not sure exaclty how much help they are…. and as for the statementing process…arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to read your blog now, do you read the Woodvale diaries? A really nice blog about autism.

  • DJ, thanks for visiting me. I understand what you are saying about job interviews and it is of course your right not to divulge personal information, but please don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about AS. I am epileptic and I would quite happily tell the world – I have done! Once your son is diagnosed if that is the case, I hope you will find the support. The statement is vital for him to move forward positively in an acedemic environment. I wish you lots of luck, good wishes and hope. Please email me if you want anymore info. I’m not a professional but I am a mum and it’s good to discuss these things.

    Crystal xx

  • I certainly don’t mean to make light of people who are seriously inflicted with such disorders, but the funny thing is that I don’t really think my father is even bi-polar… just emotionally repressed. the effort of him trying to keep all of his emotions in check gives him the appearance of mild bi-polar disorder.

    At least, that’s my story, and either way I support him in his choice of dealing with the situation… his life and all.

  • you are a very interesting character djk. please can you list 7 more?!

    i am the opposite – love clocks – am useless without one, and love talking on the phone – spend hours on it!

  • I have to raise a glass to Fact Number Three about the sports excellence!
    Are you still involved in any sport? Do you still run?

  • CJ
    Thank you for your kind offer!

    Hi CA
    I didnt think you were making light…

    Hi Elsie,
    7 more things? Perhaps over the next 7 posts but not in a list again, I almost deleted this one several times as it is…still shocked people found it interesting!

    Hi Drunk mummy
    I do still run though it is more of a ‘fast shuffle’ these days…having said that I am not running at all right now due to toe nail still clinging on for grim life! I want to keep my toe nail, I had pretty feet and dread the thought of what they will look like with a permanatly missing toe nail. (I do like my body to be symetrical.) So the running is on hold for the time being, which leaves extra time for wine, yay! But no time to work the wine off, boo!

  • Facinating is of course subjective, but you are facinating.

    The meat thing spoke to me. I subscribe to that point of view. Honour the spirit of the animal if we are going to make use of its energy.

  • Hellloooo luvie.
    Well i’m a relatively new reader huh, but i’m loving this post. Makes me feel closer to your lovely self.
    I’ll have to do one too, only i dont think i have 7 things.

  • Hello QV,
    Thank you for the compliment.

    Hi DD,
    Thank you too. You could do 7 things just about your beautiful, striking, evocative art work.

  • pretty honest.
    i am some what close to your tribe, i don’t have a mobile phone, i am allergic to them, i am allergic to intelligence and wisdom anyway. But sometime i feel that it is affecting others. i am refusing to have a passport, i feel i have the right to go anywhere under the sun. if ‘they’ don’t allow me its fine, i’ll remain where i am but i’ll never have papers. The painted stork doesn’t have a passport.

    i don’t wear a watch, i don’t want to know the time unless i have a train to catch. i know what time it is.

    if every one on this earth turns a vegetarian, there would not be any vegetation in 20 years. We humans are by design carnivores. Different philosophies have only damaged the planet. Not one of them has helped to unite the people of this earth.

    Thank you DJ

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