Small stones – second post

Published on Sunday 9th January 2011 by DJ Kirkby

03/01/11 – I am amazed by the huge void the absence of such a small bundle of fur and purrs has left in our lives. Her ‘meeping’ and effortless skill at being a pest are our current favourite topics.

04/01/11 – My other cat (only cat now) lies purring on my lap. He rests his chin on my wrist as I type. I am grateful for this comfort.

05/01/11 – The headwind I cycle into all the way to work only serves to increase my reluctance to travel in that direction.

06/01/11 – This morning I finished writing the synopsis for my next novel and along the foreshore the air smelled pregnant with the promise of change.

07/01/11 – I am astonished that our winter veg are growing so well on our allotment so well despite the snow and cold. I feel impressed by their determination to survive.

08/01/11 – The skies are slate grey and the daylight is tinted thunder storm green.

09/01/11 – A little hair product plus substantial time spent styling my hair helps it to morph from a curly frizz ball to a sleek shiny version of itself. I am left wondering if that was the best use of that portion of my life.

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