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Dee lives in the South of England in a home otherwise filled with males - husband, boys and pets -
she writes to escape the testosterone.

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Dear Doctorate – Year two, week one

This blog has been referred to as the Bridget Jones’ Diary of doctorates so I am going to start treating it as such. Dear  Doctorate Diary, I’ve had a pretty good week despite some very hectic work days, and continuing to need to work on non-working days. The highlight of …

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Pumpkin Cake

This is the most recent vegan recipe I have created and it’s my current favourite. Light, floofaaaay, spicy, and perfect for these colder evening. Though you may want to eat this for breakfast, which is perfectly fine! I wont judge you, and in fact I have been known to eat …

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My 2018 Reading List

Between January 1st 2018 – December 31st 2018 I will list the books I read, with the aim to have at least one title to go beside each letter of the alphabet.  You can see my reading list from previous years by clicking on the following links: 2013, 2014, 2015, …

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I am a registered midwifery lecturer and registered public health practitioner who writes for adults and children. I teach midwifery four days per week, and work as a freelance writer the rest of the week. My special interest is creating educational packages to be delivered using digital and mixed reality platforms. At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome, in addition to dyslexia and dyspraxia (which definitely explains a lot of things, including why I can't read a tube map)

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My books for children website

I have another website featuring my children's books under the name Dee Kirkby, as well as more information detailing my work with children. Please pay me a visit here.